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Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

How can I condense all my favourite things into just a few posts over one month? And how do I choose which ones to include? I decided to listen to the words of Maria in The Sound of Music. My first post for the Steampunk Hands Around the World:  Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens was originally published on karen j carlisle

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This is how I Roll (play)

Good afternoon everyone. <Pulls curtains closed and grabs the crumbling remains of birthday cake.> Apologies for a late post today. Last night we celebrated my Dearheart’s birthday. We played board games, with fabulous friends, until one in the morning. Today my body is reminding me it’s not keen on truncated sleep. <Pours another cup of…

This is how I Roll (play) was originally published on karen j carlisle

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Rare Photos of Victorian Women of Color

Originally posted on Feminist Elizabethan:
Historical photographs of women of color (WOC) can be hard to find, but Bust did just this. In a recent post, Bust featured several photographs of Victorian WOC, and in the photos, various WOC can be seen…

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A Trail of Tales at the Fringe

Mad March is looming. The Adelaide Fringe is almost upon us. And I am part of it. My very first Fringe! Time to tell you about a project I have been involved with. About six months ago, our writing group was invited to submit short stories or poems to an exciting project – A Trail of…

A Trail of Tales at the Fringe was originally published on karen j carlisle

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Don’t fancy being killed in a traditional duel? Then Tea Duelling is for you! Coming soon to MHS

Originally posted on Melbourne High School Library:
(Jump into the future and see how our Tea Duelling Steampunk day went!) Photo source Michael Pryor (Master of Steampunk) will be visiting us on October 17. We have decided to host the Inaugural MHS…

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Planet Earth is Blue Today

I’m still in shock. In denial. It can’t be. Another great lost. Vale David Bowie. An icon. An artist. A gentleman. So many memories were forged while listening to your music. So many conversations were sparked discussing your music genius. So many hearts skipped a beat watching your movies. Planet Earth is blue today. My thoughts…

Planet Earth is Blue Today was originally published on karen j carlisle

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Steampunkin’ Around the World

Originally posted on Airship Ambassador:
It’s been an interesting voyage the last two weeks in the aetherweb for your Airship Ambassador. I was looking for new steampunk ports of call beyond those I knew of in the US, Canada, and…

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