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Short Story Collections

With a Twist of the Nib. (2016)
For when time is short.
(ebook only: A collection of ten speculative flash fiction and short stories. )

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From the super short and snappy to some longer stories that have me keen to read the novels to come. Aunt Enid sounds like heaps of fun!” – Narrelle M Harris, author (Goodreads review).

This little book is an ebook and comes in the regulation different formats, sadly, it does not upload direct to my brain via psychic link.”…
” there’s the Bonus Short – under fifteen minutes which is mentioned in the Contents page but not in the Introduction. That’s very sneaky, just when I was wondering if this would be a really short book Carlisle sneaks in an extra story.”
Read the full review at: Suz’s Space. (book blog review)

“This book offers a compilation of original flash fiction and short stories in different genres, each with a twist at the end. The stories are all imaginative and clever, and varied enough for the collection to remain interesting throughout.
This would be a good collection for people who struggle to find time to commit to a longer story or full novel, as they can be read and enjoyed in a coffee break or when brief opportunities present themselves.”
Book Squirrel (2020)

Quarantine Reads (2020)
Escape to Adventure.
(eBook only:  Quarantine Reads contains seven short stories of a lighter note, to inspire and transport you beyond four walls.)

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Another Twist of the Nib (2020)
Short Tales With a Darker Twist
(eBook only)

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Well written and compelling.  There is a lot of breadth in these tales, something creepy for everyone. if you read these late at night, then make sure your doors and soundly locked and you have a functional night light – just saying!”
– S Rehorek (full review at Amazon)

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