Book Trailers: Aunt Enid

Book 2 – A Fey Tale: An Aunt Enid Mystery

Aunt Enid’s back, but something’s changed…
A deal with fairies… to solve a mystery… and prevent a war.
Fairies and magic: It’s all real!
It’s up to Aunt Enid and the Protectors, with a little help from the self-appointed Fairy Hunter, to solve the mystery, return the kidnapped heir and save the humans from Otherworldly retribution. It’s now a race to save the Earth from becoming a battleground for a magical war.

Book 1 – Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire

Daemons, fairies, magic: it’s all real!
The Otherworld is bleeding through cracks into our world. And Adelaide is ground zero.
Something is coming. Something dark – trading souls for passage. And only one person now stands between the Dark and the fate of the world.

‘This Army’ Teaser Trailer #1:  October, 2018

Teaser Trailer: The Dark is Coming November, 2018.

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