Costume and Steampunk Related Talks & Workshops

Current topics include:

Exploring Steampunk: A primer on steampunk and steampunk costuming

Learn about the origins of the steampunk creative movement and how to get started on creating your own steampunk look. This is an ideal primer those interested in steampunk and costuming.

A/V Requirements: Data projector, microphone / Other requirements: Table for costume item display.

Creating Your Own Steampunk World or Persona.

You can use existing history and places to create your own unique steampunk world, or you can design your own from scratch.  Karen will discuss steampunk tropes and the use of gadgets, as well as various steampunk sub-genres. How to include magic and the supernatural and how to incorporate ‘punk’ in your world and stories.

She will also explore character types, their interaction in their new steampunk world and how the process can be used to create steampunk costume personas.

This panel will be of interest to those who are steampunk-curious, interested in writing steampunk stories or creating steampunk comics, and to costumers/cosplayers interested in creating their own unique steampunk persona.

(approx 45 minutes. This is also available as a interatctive workshop: 90 mins)

A/V Requirements: Data projector with VGA input, microphone / ,
Workshop option: A/V Requirements as above / Other requirements: Tables for attendees.

Steampunk Parasol Duelling – Workshop/Demo

Parasol duelling is a sport created by Kevin Jepson (aka Maxwell MacDonald-Smythe) and Jane Baynard (ak aMadame Saffron Hemlock) in 2014. The Official Parasol Duelling Championships are held in September in Calgary.

Learn the genteal Ladies art of parasol duelling from dueller and ‘Doctor’, Karen Carlisle.  You will be taught the basic rules of Formal, Informal and the increasingly popular ‘street duelling’, and participate in a competition duel.

(This workshop runs for 30-45 minutes, depending on number of attendees.)

Requirements: microphone stand may be required. / Potential duellers will need their own parasol. 

Costumes in Detail: Mid-16th Century Florentine Female Clothing and Accessories

Karen will share her research into sewing techniques and patterns used in Eleanora di Toledo’s extant gowns and the extant Pisa dresses. There will be a display of gowns recreated using these techniques.

Karen J Carlisle’s main area of interest is re-creation of mid sixteen century Florentine clothing and accessories. She has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism since 1994. She attended the Florence 2008 Costume Symposium: Janet Arnold Tribute, with lectures by Roberta Orsi Landini and the conservators of the Laboratorio Centro Restauri Tesseli, Pisa.

This talk would be of interest to the costume enthusiast and re-creator.

A/V Requirements: Data projector, microphone / Other requirements: Table for costume item display.

Rates (in person/online):

Per Talk: AU$250 (plus GST).
Engagement includes: approx. 45-60 minutes – includes talk and question/demonstration time.

Per Workshop: AU$250 (plus GST)
Engagement includes: approx 60 minutes of workshop/discussion

Per Day: AU$600 (plus GST) per day (3 talks max)
Engagement includes: Up to three talks – approx. 45-60 minutes – includes talk and question/demo time.

Note: Travel costs may be incurred for travel outside of metropolitan Adelaide for in person engagements.

Special arrangements can be made for community and non-profit groups.

To book Karen for a speaking engagement for libraries, organisations or schools,
please contact me
(subject: Speaking Engagment).

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