Reviews: The Department of Curiosities

The Department of Curiosities

The Department of Curiosities: For the Good of the Empire

A splendiferously splendid tale of adventure among the high teas.”
“Karen spins a great yarn, its light when it needs to be light, dark when it needs to be dark, funny and absurd but always believably so. At its core, its a fun read about a resourceful young lady in an armoured corset.
” …
“If, as I very much suspect, they [the rest of the series] are as well written, as entertaining, as delightfully absurd in all the best ways, and just as bloody good storytelling, then I can’t wait to read them. ” – Mark Hayes (click here for full review)

“Karen J Carlisle is one of those rare gems who’s storytelling captivated me from the first page and carried me expertly through a marvellous world of mysterious occurrences, secret societies, wondrous devices and characters I both loved and loved to hate.”
”… this is a fabulous ‘gateway’ book for anyone new to Steampunk and for old hands it is an expertly woven tale incorporating everything we love about the genre from mad scientists, secret societies, strong heroines, dastardly villains, marvellous mysteries and incredible devices ; yet another another absolute treat from Karen J Carlisle.” –  Penny Blake  (click here for the full review.)

“…I found this book extremely well written and exciting. Even though there are many fantastic gadgets,I feel this story is more character driven with mystery, treachery, sabotage and spies set in Queen Victoria’s time. I enjoyed following Tillies’ adventure as she tries to prove her father was not a traitor to the crown. The writing is exciting, the characters engaging and there were a number of surprises…”
“it was wonderful to read a well crafted plot, great characters a totally entertaining book.”

– G Walden (Read the full review on Amazon and Smashwords)

If you like a bit of mystery and action, not to mention the mechanical “curiosities” of the inventive steampunk realm, you’ll probably enjoy this book. I did.”  – Kerry Hennigan (Read the full review at Goodreads)

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