A bit about my Style:

kccMy photography is often candid; a colour, a shape or composition that catches my eye and imagination. I am drawn to the contrast between light and dark. I prefer to ‘keep it simple’, often using basic or available lighting, with minimal or no retouching. Occasionally I dabble with photo manipulation.

Much of my Artwork is ‘pen and ink’, illumination, pencil work. It is inspired by fantasy, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.



More examples of my Inkwork

Published Artwork:

  • product_thumbnailCover, chapter and incidental illustrations:   I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript by Andrew Kenner. (2014)
  • Cover May 48: Revamped e-Cockatrice  May 48 (Society for Creative Anachronism Arts and Sciences Magazine – Australia): (2013) (also available as tshirt on redbubble)
  • Advertisement artwork for SCA Innilgard (Bal d’argent)  (2013)
  • Australian Realms (Australian Role Playing Magazine) #13, #15, #18 and incidental (1990s
  • Cold Angel Comic (freelance comic) #2 (1996)
  • Cockatrice (Society for Creative Anachronism Arts and Sciences Magazine – Australia) (1990s – current)
“Karen is an extraordinary talent. Without her the cover and inside would be bleak indeed. She managed to convey with great accuracy the feel and look of the original manuscript drawings and allowed me to avoid any copyright concerns. She is an amazing artistic talent and illuminator. Her scrolls are uniformly beautiful and amazing, She also has a great brain. When discussing the illustrations with her I pointed out one which I had not been able to successfully interpret after months of examination. She gave me the answer within 30 secs of glancing at it! What a talent!”

– Andrew Kenner, author of I33: Fencing in the style of Wurpurgis Manual


  • Art: Jedi Council Forum EU Challenge 2013: 2nd place
  • Constantinople 1994: 2nd for pencil/colour and 2nd Pen/ink.
  • Confictionary 1991: 1st Graphics,
  • Huttcon 1990: 1st,

Published Photography

Commissioned Photoshoots:

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