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Shaken, but not Stirred… Yet. http://k

Shaken, but not Stirred… Yet.

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Photo Friday: Renaissance Fencing http:/

Photo Friday: Renaissance Fencing

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Flashback to #steampunkhands around the

Flashback to #steampunkhands around the world in February.

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For Holmes Fans http://www.openculture.c

For Holmes Fans

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The Original ‘Instant’ Photograph

A quick history of photography. The first successful photograph was taken by Nicéphore Niépce in the mid 1820s. It required several days of exposure (no one could hold their breath that long!) and the result was grainy and crude. Niépce’s colleague, Louis Daguerre, took the first photograph of a human being, having his boots shined on a Parisian street (1838). The…

The Original ‘Instant’ Photograph was originally published on karen j carlisle

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Wish I could afford it! http://mentalflo

Wish I could afford it!

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Fiction Friday – a Chuck Wendig challeng

Fiction Friday – a Chuck Wendig challenge

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