Ditching the Black Dog

It’s a cliche, but a new year can give a fresh outlook on life – always a good thing when the black dog is growling, nipping at those anxiety triggers.

So far, 2016 has been relaxing, thoughtful and inspiring. So I’m sharing my tweets for the week, hoping some of the vibe will head your way.

Day 1: Best way to start the new year – with friends.
2106 day 1

Day 2: More friends and firing up the imagination. I started roleplaying in 1978. It has been very cathartic and inspires my muse.2016 day 2

Day 3: was inspired to finish my 2016 business plan – and asking you what you would like to see in the future (details in Of Ideas, New Beginnings and Feedback) and catching up on some well-written UK tv.2016 day 3

Day 4: spent time going through thoughts and events popped into my Thankful Jar during 2015. (More on what a Thankful Jar is here.) There were 155 separate entries, not counting repeats (I was really excited about my first book being published and mentioned it five times). That’s one entry every two-ish days. Wow!

I had thought 2015 had been a bit of a bumma. This has put things into perspective. I had been thankful for family moments, times with friends, my garden, creating – costume and art, writing, writing-related firsts – interviews, guest blogs, book reviews and conventions.

2016 dy 4 thankfuljardone2015

The happiness buzz lasted for a days (and is still lingering). It made me smile (a lot), inspired my muse and kicked me in the butt to work on my manuscripts. I already have a few notes in the jar for 2016.

Day 5: A morning session of manuscript rewrites deserves a reward (with a quick side-trip to a Spotlight paper pattern sale).
Have I ever mentioned I am a Forever Knight fan? (WIKI info here) I remember watching it late at night on the telly back in the 90s. I am introducing it to a good friend, Anne. Today we continued season one, with a mini marathon. 

2016 dy 5 spotlight sale 3 for 10 160105

Day 6: Hump day. Feeling industrious and relaxed.

2016 dy 6

Day 7: 2016 dy 7

Day 8: Writing group! We have regular critique sessions (more like beta-reading) and mini-lessons to improve various aspects on the craft of writing. I have learned so much in the past two years.  I love my writing group. It is a welcome tonic, procrastination buster, the members are good friends – talented and supportive.

2016 dy 8

Day 9: Creative sparks are still flying. Started with some secret scribey (calligraphy/illumination) business. I’m looking forward to doing some more artwork. Continued the day doing more rewrites. Very happy with the results. Finished off collected a sewing machine (my daughter is learning to sew) from Freecycle.

2016 dy 9

What a week! A fantastic start to the year. Time spent writing, playing and creating. I have a supportive and loving family, wonderful friends and writing colleagues. My imagination is fired up.

When the black dog comes creeping, when the hour of the wolf is at hand, I will defy you. I will banish you – kick you back to the dog house. I have too much to be grateful for, too many ideas to fulfill and not enough time in the day – none to give a dog space, right now.
So bugga off.


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