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Finally, I’ve collected my thoughts and have created my Patreon page, with the aim to fund my writing, book trailers and travel to more events, and to improve what I have to offer to you.
What is Patreon?
‘Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid.‘ In return you receive exclusives and sneak peeks into my writing and creations before they are announced on social media, my newsletter, or my webpage.
Rewards range from early access blog posts to exclusive posts, live video chats, behind the scenes, free eBooks, print books and special events.
What I hope to achieve.
I have dreams. I’d love to pay a professional artist for original cover art for a future duology fantasy series, The Otherworlds, (2023+).
I would also like to attend more interstate (and, international: wouldn’t that be nice?) events, post-Covid, of course.  Another goal is to create more spiffy book trailers.
What do you get?
As a Patreon supporter, you get early access to sneak previews, cover reveals, story excerpts, polls, and information on upcoming events before they go live on my webpage.You will also get extra exclusives (not available via my website), exclusive original short stories, and other sneak peaks one week before newsletter subscribers. (It’s explained in detail on my Patreon site).
Higher level supporters get free digital downloads of original music (lyrics by me), a monthly shout out, a monthly Behind the Scenes video, links to a monthly video livechat, your name added to the credits of videos, digital downloads of eBooks, and paperback copies of books as they are published. You can even name a character in a book.
At my next goal level ($100/month), you  get a monthly calendar page (with upcoming events, steampunk, book-related and fannish dates). Each month will have an original art or photographic image. Higher levels rewards include: original digital artwork/photographic wallpapers ( as they are created) related to my books. There’s also eBook copy of Doctor Jack (eBook #2: The Adventures of Viola Stewart) – with new cover design – for inclusion in future series (you’ll find out first about that too), for higher level supporters.
If you can’t afford to support me financially, I understand. Perhaps consider signing up for my monthly newsletter, Tea & Tidings (due out first week of each month), or commenting on my blog posts here.

Feel free to help me promote my Patreon page, either by sharing my page on social media, in your blogs.

Come take a look. Say hello. Hang a while. Share my writing journey.

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