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The Thankful Jar

Early last year, following a harrowing year of anxiety, I was down. The black dog was biting at my heels. I needed a boost – something to cheer me up. Something to put things into perspective. A friend directed me to an article; it was then I discovered the wonder of the thankful jar. It’s…

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Super Time at Supanova Adelaide

The sun blasted my eyelids. I opened one eye. Nope. Too early. I rolled over, pulled up the covers and waited until my stomach rumbled. Mega post-con fatigue. But what a blast! I have just finished my first stint as a merchant at a full-sized pop culture convention – Supanova Adelaide. This year they moved…

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Words Fail Me

Dear Reader, This, as you have guessed, is a very late post. My apologies. The weekend has been a long one, fraught with high emotion, personal disappointment and sadness. Tension had been increasing during the week – resulting in physical symptoms and loss of valuable writing time. Several issues surfaced on Sunday. They’ve been bubbling…

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The Fantastic Jen Page!

Originally posted on Girl Genius Adventures:
I got to hang out with actress/model/wonderful artist person Jen Page at the Kill Doctor Lucky shoot a while back, and she’s really interesting! I love the mermaid prints she’s been doing—especially this one…

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My Own Take on the Current Stereotypes in Hollywood Blockbusters

Originally posted on Cogpunk Steamscribe:
There have always been stereotypes used in the storytelling in movies. After all, movies have a limited amount of time to tell the story, and the use of stereotypes is a great time saver, particularly…

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You are what you read; A Steampunk Perspective

Originally posted on Cogpunk Steamscribe:
As sayings go, “You are what you eat” is accurate. However, I would argue that every book you read also changes you, so that you are what you read. You can’t help but be changed,…

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November Toolbox – Critique

Originally posted on Spec Fic Chic:
So, what does critique mean, especially when it is associated with writers who form a critique group? What we came up with was the following: Critique is the umbrella that encompasses an overall review…

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It’s NaNoWriMo Time!

Greetings dear Reader, This month is NaNoWriMo (National Nominated Writing Month). For those who have not heard of NaNo, it is a personal challenge to write like the wind (gratuitous YouTube link here) and aim for 50K words in one month. For me, it is a regular kick in the pants and anti-procrastinating tool. The…

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