Steampunkin’ Around the World

Airship Ambassador

It’s been an interesting voyage the last two weeks in the aetherweb for your Airship Ambassador. I was looking for new steampunk ports of call beyond those I knew of in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Steampunk is growing all around the world, and after hearing hints here and there, I was ready to find those other communities.

My journey started with #steampunkchat on Twitter where the evening’s topic was “Multiculturalism in Steampunk”. It was a good discussion about the desire to write and read multicultural steampunk stories. As previously discussed, steampunk provides a rich tapestry of ideas, and as such, stories need not be limited to London, England as a setting, or as a singular cultural perspective. Stories can include Spanish, Romanian and Egyptian characters and cultures, as well as Chinese, Samoan, and Peruvian, among so many more.

After being primed by that discussion, and…

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