Steampunk Events

If you’re interested in attending steampunk events, check out the following listings:

Also check out my Steampunk Grand Tour Wish List 

and other advertised Australian steampunk-related events for 2019

You can find a comprehensive list of events at The Unorthodox Society for the Elucidation of Retro-futurism .Flight of the Olympia Adelaide 2009Safari at Adelaide Zoo 2011Time Travellers’ Picnic 2014Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2016
Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2017Time Travellers’ Picnic 2017

Adelaide Steampunk Festival, 2018

Time Travellers’ Picnic 2018

NZ Steampunk Festival, Oamaru, 2019

Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2019.

Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2020

Photos ©2009-2019 Karen Carlisle
Time Travellers’ Picnic 2017 ©2017 D. Ruwodlt
Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2019 ©2019 Janet Tanzi.)

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