Writer.  Illustrator. Gardener. Chocoholic and tea lover.

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You can find Karen lurking in the strangest places (especially if there is a cup of tea or dark chocolate to be consumed). Here are some interviews by excellent people:  

  • Live talk/Q&A on Indie Publishing – Geek Markets Live Online event – Geek Markets Live youTube channel – session two (at about 31 minutes in) 2020.
  • Author Intro and Interview – SANCTUARY 2020 – The Asylum Goes Online – available via Ministry of Steampunk UK’s youTube channel. August, 2020.
  • Living Arts Canberra – The interview podcast is on the site, and will also play on their radio station,  LACE radio.  Aunt Enid book review and interview. June 2020
  • World-building Showcase Interview on Phoebe Darqueling’s blog (about world-building for my steampunk world, specifically ‘The Deparment of Curiosities’) Jan, 2020.
  • I returned to PBA FM Words Out Loud on Christmas Eve. This time I was on the panel, with Jo Baker, to interview my good friend, SM Kemmett, about her first book.
  • Live chat/interview on the Recovery and Wellbeing Show (PBA FM) with Phil and Ria. (about books, steampunk and mental health.) Sept, 2019.
  • Interview on ‘Words Out Loud’. PBA FM. (Dept of Curiosities, research, costume. Sept, 2019.
  • Interview by ‘Adelaide Toy Collector’ (youTube. June, 2019.  At approx.  18.55 mins)
  • Interview (book blog tour): A Quintelle of Questions for Narrelle M Harris. (16th April, 2019)
  • Interview: ‘Deadsteam’ anthology author interview.  Anthology launch 1st October, 2018.
  • Interviewed on Steampunk Festival 2018 (National Railway Museum) by Chris Carpenter Documentaries, Channel 44. (2018)
  • Interview: Steampunk Makers by THE UNORTHODOX SOCIETY FOR THE ELUCIDATION OF RETRO-FUTURISM – a website dedicated to elucidating us on all things steampunk in the Antipodes. (6th Sept, 2018)
  • Interview by Hal Crompton on ‘The Steampunk Hour Ep: #28‘, Lincoln Radio, UK – on music, Littmus Steampunk Band and steampunk books. (15th July, 2018)

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If you would like to interview Karen, about her writing, steampunk, art or costuming, please contact her. She loves having a chat.


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