A Fey Tale: Book Cover Reveal!

I’ve been teasing social media for the past month… with hints of the book cover for A Fey Tale.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3Week 4: had two posts:

and the finale.

Here it is. The final cover reveal for A Fey Tale, book two in The Aunt Enid Mysteries.

Art and design ©2020 Karen J Carlisle
The Aunt Enid Mysteries ©2018 Karen J Carlisle
A Fey Tale ©2020 Karen J Carlisle

A Fey Tale is due for release late 2020


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Finishing up this month’s Patreon Rewards

Finishing up this month’s Behind the Scenes video for my Patrons and some spoilers.
[#imagedescription an open laptop sits on a table. Th e laptop is silver. On it is a video editing program in use. To the right is a thermos cup of tea, and a computer mouse in a purple mouse pad]
#editing #video #behindthescenes #patreonreward #patreon #writerslife


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Tax Stuff… and Tier Update

Well, you’ve probably read about the new tax laws around the world, that will affect Patreon pledges. I’ve had to list all the Patreon rewards for EVERY tier, and assign costs, so the Powers That Be can do their thing…
As part of the process, I’ve expanded the reward for the top tier – Agent of the Crown. If you have that much spare to support an indie author, I applaude you (and grovel at your feet) – so you deserve a little more…
I’ve added to the exclusive reward:FREE talk/workshop/cafe chat for your book group/fan group/steampunk group/community group when I’m in your area. You provide the public venue.
The addition is: This is also available online as a Zoom or Skype event (up to 3 over a 12 month period) for remote access.

Become a Patron!https://c6.patreon.com/becomePatronButton.bundle.js


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Tea Review – A Tea Punk Tea

I do a short review of a tea sent to me by fellow Tea Scout, Barbara Cluck. Tea choice: Dépret Superbe, from  Tea Punk Teas. teapunkteas.com

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Tea & Tidings Newsletter is on its way

Those pesky flying monkeys have finally been wrangled and are winging their way to subscriber inboxes.


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Living Canberra Arts Podcast Interview

I got a message last week, from the organiser of last month’s  FB event, Booklove Tuesday.

Out of the blue. A pleasant surprise.

The event organiser had been contacted by Barbie from Living Arts Canberra, a website with podcasts  and LACE radio station. They offer ‘a voice for artists, arts organisations and community goodwill organisations.’  She’d read Aunt Enid, loved it, and wanted to know if I was interested in being interviewed for their website.

Hell, yes!

So, I received a Skype call on Friday. Barbie was friendly and relaxing to talk to. (Thank you, Barbie!). We chatted about ‘longer-lived’ female characters, fantasy writing and magic systems, (save the) bees, science and fantasy, and garden gnomes.

The podcast interview is accompanied by a book review of Aunt Enid.  You can listen to the podcast and read the reveiw on the Reading List page on the  Living Arts Canberra website, and listen to the interview on the LACE radio station.

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Time Travel in the 18th and 19th Centuries – repost

When you think of early time travel stories, you’ll most likely think of H. G. Wells’ 1895 novel, The Time Machine. But did you know that there were many novels and short stories, written before 1895, with time travel as a central theme.

Here’s a list of stories you may be interested in checking out. I’ve added links where I could find them.

  • 1733: Memoirs of the Twentieth Century by Samuel Madden.
    A guardian angel travels to 1728 with missives from late 1990s.
  • 1781: Anno 7603 by Johan Herman Wessel.
    A good fairy sends people to 7603 AD where gender roles are reversed in society.
  • 1819: Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving.
    Technically Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 years, but was effectively ‘transported’ into the future where his wife has died, his daughter is grown up and he is forgotten.
  • 1836: The Forebears of Kalimeros: Alexander, son of Philip of Macedon by Alexander Veltman .
    The protagonist travels to ancient Greece on a hippogriff. This is considered the first Russian SF work.
  • 1843: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
    Scrooge is shown his past and future by three ghosts. This story was one of the inspirations for Viola’s Christmas adventure.
  • 1846: The World As It Will Be by Emile Souvestre.
    Involves a journey to 3000 on flying locomotive, showing a future with shades of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. (This appears to be first story to use a machine as means of transport.)
  • 1881: The Clock That Went Backward by Edward Page Mitchell
    Three men go back to the 16th century by way of a clock. (Wikipedia quotes this as first to use a time machine.)
  • 1861: Paris before Men by Pierre Boitard
    A deamon takes the protagonist back in time to find  apelike creatures and dinosaurs.
  • 1887: El anacronópete by Enrique Gaspar y Rimbau
    A group of adventurers travel back to 1492 Spain, Ancient China, Vesuviius and time of Noah. This story also features a machine as for of time transportation (the anacronópete of the title) –  a cast iron box powered by electricity.
  • 1887: Looking Backward: 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy reminiscent of Rip Van Winkle. traveller wakes 113 years later from a hypnosis-induced sleep.
  • 1888: The Chronic Argonauts by HG wells
    This story is set in Welsh Village where a visitor proves to be a time traveller. The Chronic Argonauth was written six years before The Time Machine. The short story was mentioned in Tomorrow, When I Die, and was one of the inspirations for the story.
  • 1889: Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll involving a watch determining time.
  • 1889: A connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court by Mark Twain
    An American travels back in time to King Arthurs court, and uses his scientific knowledge to rise in the court.
  • 1892: Golf in the year 2000  by J McCullough
    Another sleep-travel story – 1892 to 2000, where golf and politics are the only activities not dominated by women.
  • 1895: Finally we get to the well-known classic – The Time Machine by HG Wells.

The initial idea of Viola’s penultimate adventure, Tomorrow, When I Die, was sparked by two of the books on this list: A Christmas Carol and The Chronic Argonauts. The story is set over Christmas, 1889. Viola is given a copy of The Chronic Argonauts by her friend, Sir Archibald Huntington-Smythe.

And here’s some further reading about time travel in the 19th Century:


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Writing Sneak Peeks… Story Research

Unboxing some books for research for ‘A Fey Tale’ and an anthology short story …


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Isolation tip #9: Try something new

Hi. Ready for something new for an isolation buster! Hugs to all. Stay safe



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