Welcome to Geek Markets Online 2.0 this weekend!

Only 3 days to go until my next online event appearance – this time the (Canberra) Geek Markets, which are going virtual this weekend. Forget Covid spatial distancing – just join us from the comfort of your own space.

Geek Markets Live will be streaming geeky artists, traders and creators – including yours truely! There will be two livestream sessions. You can watch them live on their website HERE – or via their FB event page – Geek Markets Virtual Market, youTube channel or Twitch.

I’ll be presenting on Session Two – at 2.00-2.15 pm (ACST)/ 2.30-2.45pm (AEST) this Saturday, 26th September.

Buy Direct from the Author at Event Prices!

Follow this link to my shop to buy paperback copies of my books,
direct from me, at event prices!

  • Single books will have $1 off RRP (+postage costs).
  • Buy more than one book and get between $1 and $5 off per book (depending on which books/how many books you purchase) + postage.
  • You also get a signed and numbered bookplate, exclusively designed for books purchased during the weekend of Geek Markets Live 2.0
  • You can also pre-order your paperback copy of ‘A Fey Tale’, book two in The Aunt Enid Mysteries. (Due out late 2020, early 2021).
    All pre-orders also receive a signed and numbered bookplate, exclusively designed for pre-order books.

If you prefer eBooks, follow this link to buy my books from your favourite format.

Looking for a Christmas read? Check out Viola Stewart’s adventure,
Tomorrow, When I Die, set at Christmas, 1889.

(This story is available in the paperback compilation, The Illusioneer & Other Tales.)

Or visit my shop to choose from my
original artwork mugs, tshirts and steampunk music.







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Doctor Jack & Other Tales: Beware Scammer Sellers on Amazon

It’s come to my attention that book scammers may be selling heavily discounted copies of my first book, Doctor Jack & Other Tales, on Amazon.

The ONLY current edition of Doctor Jack is edition 2.
Look for the title: Doctor Jack & Other Tales, with the SUBTITLE: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1 – and was published by Kraken Publishing in 2016 – available via Ingram Spark.

You can find it HERE on Amazon. This is MY BOOK

This original edition was originally titled: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1: Doctor Jack and Other Tales. This was my first foray into indie publishing and was published in 2015, via Createspace – which is NO MORE. This was removed when Createspace closed down.

The reviews are genuine – left over from the first edition. Amazon won’t transfer them to the second edition. I’m also having issues removing this copy from my Amazon Author Page.

I’ve found it still selling on Amazon under the original title, supposedly available from CREATESPACE, with 1 left in stock.
This was removed from sale. I get NO ROYALTY PAYMENTS from this copy. I don’t know how they can supply the book when it’s been pulled from Createspace – and Creatspace DOESN’T NOT EXIST any more. Don’t get caught out.

How to tell the difference: The official copy has:

  • The main title is ‘Doctor Jack & Other Tales’ – with an ampersand
  • It is published by Kraken Publishing
    (Old (not printed) edition one WAS published by Createspace.)
  • CURRENT ISBN is: 978-0994485007
  • it is the 2nd edition
  • and was published on 20 August, 2016
  • RRP is US$11.99/ AUS$16.99
  • I get paid when you buy a book!

This is the cover:

Also beware the BUY BUTTON. This article explains how scammers are using it to claim cheaper available book versions. Authors don’t get royalties, and many could be scammers. It’s the old – ‘if it’s too good to be true‘ adage.

If in doubt buy from other book stores. You can find a list of bookstores here.



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Adelaide Steampunk Festival Day 1

It’s finally here!

All the steampunky goodness… and I can’t be there.
Not physically, at least.

I did my first ‘official’ live via my FB page (with Dearheart as my conspirator)

I Skyped in all day to chat to readers and attendees…


Don’t forget you get an exclusive signed and numbered bookplate with each book.

Disappointed I can’t be there in person…  Let me out!

I’m back today for day 2.


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Adelaide Steampunk Festival – Virtually There

It’s almost time for the 2020 Adelaide Steampunk Festival. This is the 7th year for the event…

Plot #1: Virtually there.

… and the first I won’t be able to attend in person, as an author. Argghhh.

Covid sucks. I’m still stuck at home. Being in (a couple of) risk groups is frustrating. I made some masks, but really should do what I’m told. So I’ll be at home… but my Dearheart will be manning the table. I’ll be Skyping in all day (tech allowing) to chat to you.

Plus there’s more!


Plot #2: Pre-order ‘click & collect’ for books

– to minimise contact during Covid times, and to make sure you get your copy (stocks getting low – my books are printed in Victoria and there are print and post issues).

I’ve been working on my webpage book shop to create book bundles to make it easier to pre-order your books – click, and collect at the Adelaide Steampunk Festival in two weeks.

Just CLICK HERE to order your books to collect at Adelaide Steampunk Festival 2020.

Plot #3: Exclusive Bookplates

– I won’t be there personally to sign your books but, never fear! I have a plan. I’ve designed exclusive bookplates – only available for this event. If you pre-order your books to ‘click & collect’, then you get a personalised, signed, and numbered bookplate. If you buy at the event (book stocks permitting), you get a signed and numbered bookplate.

Plot #4: Video/Live talks

-depending on technology, I’m hoping to pre-record or Zoom in live to do a talk for the 100th anniversary of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s visit to Adelaide (and possibly one on fairies)… just trying to sort out the tech for the weekend.



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More Patreon Rewards delivered

My Patreon supporters just received a sneak peek of the opening scene of A Fey Tale, the second book in The Aunt Enid Mysteries series.

Want sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and more?

Click HERE to support me on Patreon


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New Design Delivered

I don’t only write books. I also do artwork, format text/internal of books , create videos, and design book covers and CD covers.

My most recent cover commission was for the Littmus Steampunk band. They have just released a new album, with some favourite songs (Check out the didgeridoo on Across the Nullabor. ) You can find it on their  Bandcamp site.

This is the cover I designed for them.

You can see more of my commission work HERE

Follow this link to view my original artwork.


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Online Event Patreon Reward Posted

Another online event done. Thanks to @canberrageekmarkets for the opportunity to share my words.
My Patreon supporters just received a Behind the Scenes bonus of the event.
[#imagedescription 2 photos: Karen before and after broadcasting live to Geek Markets Live 2.0 online event. She is sitting in front of a dual-computer set up, and is wearing a purple top. Pinstriped waistcoat with lapel pins, and a purple bowler hat. Behind her are two of her book series posters – The Department of Curiosities, and The Aunt Enid Mysteries]


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FB Live – Geek Markets Live 2.0 Reminder

I’m on the Geek Markets – session 2 today – 2.00-2.15 pm (ACST – Adelaide time)
Don’t forget you can buy paperbacks at event prices on my webpage shop until 30th Sept, 2020. You also get a signed, numbered bookplate exclusively designed for this event. (postage to Australian addresses only)


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Geek Markets Exclusive Bookplate

I’ve finished designing the bookplate for tomorrow’s Geek Markets Live 2.0.

Anyone who buys a paperback ‘direct from author’ before 30th September (posted to an Australian address), not only gets EVENT PRICES but also this exclusive event bookplate – signed, numbered and personalised (if you supply your name) bookplate.

(Patreon supporters got a sneak peek earlier this week)


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September ‘Behind the Scenes’ Patreon Reward Delivered.

It’s September, and time for another Behind the Scenes Patreon reward!

Supporters received exclusive vision of recent, and preparations for upcoming, virtual/live events, making of videos, sneak peeks of upcoming announcements, including my latest project to be announced soon.


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September Patreon Shout Out


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Looking for something to read this Halloween?

The Adventures of Viola Stewart  series has it all:
magic and illusion
and Jack the Ripper…

Find out where to buy your own copies HERE

You can also get a full set of ebooks via the Author!

(postage in Australia only)


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