Photo Friday Update – changes are afoot.

Photo Friday Update – changes are afoot.

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Blog post: Time for some changes. http:/

Blog post: Time for some changes. #writing

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Photo Friday

Photo Friday

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Conflux 13: Day 4

Felicity Banks

I have only the haziest recollections of today, the shortest day of the conference.

There was the dealer room (taken here in a quiet moment):


There was food (this is the asparagus and avocado salad with optional chicken):

(That’s right. I ate salad, y’all.)


There was much cheering, especially at the launch of the Never Never Book Box:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4.13.45 PM

I should probably mention that (a) The conference was buzzing with the book box love, and (b) I’m friends with the curator (she’s technically a work friend but we have even more than writingness in common). (c) The Never Never Book Box is closely linked to Odyssey through friendship, casual work, and most of all through the fact that both have an enduring love of Australian speculative fiction.

So that’s Conflux done until 2018. I had an absolute blast. I also broke a nail carrying a box of my own books…

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Conflux 13: Day 2

Felicity Banks

It’s 7:05pm as I begin writing, bleary-eyed and rocking a banquet-sized hunger (in related news, the official Conflux 13 banquet begins in twenty-five minutes).

First things first: after a panicked search and paying a suitable bribe to Miss Five, I have the GOOD tiara, and have been wearing it all day.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 7.04.06 PM

I’m also wearing an epic purple tutu, and wings. It’s possible glitter and craft glue are involved.

(There are brass lamps and circular patterns in the foyer/bar/restaurant. It is shiny, and the perfect accidentally-steampunky venue for my launch of “Antipodean Queen 2: Silver and Stone” tomorrow at 2pm in the JFK room.)

Note to self: Take pictures. Promise to show them to people who read tomorrow’s blog.

I extremely enjoyed being on the “Beyond the Hunger Games: Best young adult books in the last twelve months” panel. My personal top picks (based on personal taste + genius):

  1. “Borderline” and…

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Book Blog Tour Stop#7: Guest Post – The

Book Blog Tour Stop#7: Guest Post – The Cast of Characters

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Day 6 #book blog tour http://karenjcarli

Day 6 #book blog tour

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