The Department of Curiosities

A Steampunk Adventure 

The Department of Curiosities is the second series set in Karen J Carlisle’s alternate steampunk world.  DOC is a steampunk tale of adventure, a heroine, mad scientists, traitors and secrets.
All for the good of the Empire.

This series is a lighter set adventures, set in the early 1880s.

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Book #1: The Department of Curiosities: For the Good of the Empire

Miss Matilda  Meriwether has a secret. Actually, she has several. One of them has shaped her adult life. Another now controls it.
Her Majesty Queen Victoria has control of the Empire. She is the Empire, and creator of its secrets.
Sir Avery works for The Department of Curiosities – the keepers of secrets – especially if they are useful to the Empire.
When Tillie finds herself in the employment of The Department of Curiosities, she realises this is the perfect opportunity to uncover the truth she has been searching for.
But the Queen has other plans for her.

(first chapter also available as bonus excerpt in ‘The Illusioneer & Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #3.’)

Available as: Paperback: 420 pages/ ISBN: 978-0-9944850-4-5

Upcoming Titles:

Book #2: Against the Empire – Scheduled for late 2022 release tbc
Book #3: Secrets of the Empire – Date to be confirmed

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