Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

How can I condense all my favourite things into just a few posts over one month? And how do I choose which ones to include? I decided to listen to the words of Maria in The Sound of Music. My first post for the Steampunk Hands Around the World: 

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

It almost rained today. Rain! I love rain. I now live in the driest state in the driest continent in the world – and I miss the rain. Real rain. Rain that thumps on the roof so loud you have to yell to have a conversation. Rain so heavy you can’t see the end of your bonnet and have to pull over so you don’t run up the back of the unseen car in front, that cocoons me from the outside world. Rain that soaks my clothes when I frolick in it. (My family are used to me running outside and dancing in the too infrequent rain.)


Oh, you meant my favourite steampunk stuff – alright. Bear with me, there is a segue here.

I miss Queensland storms, and the rain I took for granted when I was a child on the farm. Don’t get me wrong. I love South Australia, the people I have met here.

But I do miss the summer rains.

And so does my garden – another of my favourite things. Almost everything in it is edible. There are fruit trees, vegetables, edible flowers. I’m even growing a Camellia Sinensis with a plan to eventually make my own tea! My garden is full of useful plants, but is also a thing of beauty.

My garden relaxes me. I helps me control my anxieties – a safe haven at home.  But beyond the garden gate, there’s a big world out there. Sometimes it’s scary. And I can’t uproot my garden and take it with me.

Then there’s my cat. My beloved Tisha. I loved her rumbling purr, which infused the body and wrapped up my heart with unconditional love. For twenty-two years, she soothed my soul, providing a welcome anxiety buster. I miss her dearly.

And now, dear Reader, I come to my point.
All of these things help me cope with the world. When I do have to venture beyond my garden, I find a welcome escape in steampunk – the creativity, the whimsy, the connection to the past all help ground me, dampening my anxieties and bolstering my courage to face the world. It is a form of armour; an accessory, a waistcoat, a spiffy pair of boots. Each time I venture out I take a little steampunk with me, reminding me of my favourite things:

  • Comforting rain reminds me of the whimsy in life.

  • My garden – both beautiful and useful – reminds me of a past age where practical items were often also a thing of beauty. And there’s also tea.

  • The unconditional love of my cat and the acceptance of the people I meet – sharing my passion for steampunk. Friendly individuals who encourage others, who have welcomed me and supported me.

group photo D RuwoldtPhoto: © 2015 David Ruwoldt.

 You can find more steampunk posts on Airship Ambassador’s webpage.


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