Book Trailers: Viola Stewart Adventures

Series Book Trailer: The Adventures of Viola Stewart – Villianous Reads.

Journal #1: Doctor Jack & Other Tales

When Viola’s husband died, she had no wish to wear mourning for the rest of her days. Defying convention, she starts business and becomes eye doctor to London society. But peril lurks in the gaslit streets. When amurder victim is found on her doorstep, Viola is drawn into intrigue – discovering a secret she may take to the grave...

Someone is stalking the women of London… again.
Oculist, Doctor Viola Stewart feels there is something strangely familiar about the murders. She convinces her friend Dr Collins – local police pathologist – to assist in her investigations. Together they uncover a sinister plot and a secret Society hell bent on creating a new order.

Journal #2: Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales

Viola Stewart is detectiving again. The Men in Grey return – with plans for Viola. Will Polly save the day? Will the lure of technology seduce Viola or will Henry lose her forever?
Mummies. Curses. Madness…?
With her friend, Doctor Henry Collins, at her side, Viola runs foul of mummies, curses and the paranormal. But this time, the threat of Bedlam looms over them…

Journal #3: The Illusioneer & Other Tales

Viola Stewart returns for a third set of adventures.
Viola needs a holiday. But even at the beach, or while partying on the grand tour of Europe… there are things afoot.
Seeing is believing… or is it?

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