Don’t fancy being killed in a traditional duel? Then Tea Duelling is for you! Coming soon to MHS

Melbourne High School Library

(Jump into the future and see how our Tea Duelling Steampunk day went!)

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Michael Pryor (Master of Steampunk) will be visiting us on October 17. We have decided to host the Inaugural MHS Tea Duel to celebrate this event and enter into the culture of Steampunk. Tea Duelling has become an integral part of Steampunkery; there are very strict rules & codes of conduct to be adhered to when duelling. Students, if you think you are up to the challenge, first watch the following videos, then come into the library to read the rules and sign up.

Respect to Denise Beanland for having the strength of character to read through the guidance on the organisation of official tea duelling competitions – not for the faint hearted. The rules of the duel are to be found in the articles of the honourable association of tea duellists (third edition 1899) – as compiled by the…

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