Series in Karen J Carlisle’s has released her first series set in her 19th century steampunk fantasy world, ‘The Adventures of Viola Stewart.’

The Adventures of Viola Stewart:
A Victorian Steampunk Mystery Series

The Adventures of Viola Stewart follow our heroine, Viola – a widowed optician with a penchant for detectiving – and her friend, Doctor Henry Collins, as they chase secret societies and uncover nefarious plots.

This Victorian mystery series is set in the late 1880s and is steampunk with a darker, gaslamp flavour.


Paperback Compilations:

doctor-jack-other-tales1-option-3-lighter-patch-retitled-center-author_-blackbgsmallDoctor Jack and Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Series Journal #1 (ed 2)
(paperback compilation of Three Short Stories and Doctor Jack)

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COVER Eye of Beholder flipped option 2 SM CENTERED TITLEEye of the Beholder: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #2:
(paperback compilation of Three More Short Stories and Eye of the Beholder)

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The Illusionist & Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #3:
(paperback compilations of From the Depths, Tomorrow, When I Die and The Illusioneer)

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eBooks also available: 

 Cover 3_final_3 more shorts Ebook SMALL Cover 4d EYE OF BEHOLDER EbookSMALL

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The Aunt Enid Mysteries:
a cosy paranormal mysteries

Meet Aunt Enid, your average seventy-something year old. She loves to cook, is a regular at bingo and spends hours in her garden, talking to her army of garden gnomes and fussing over the colour of her hydrangeas…
And only she stands between the Dark and the fate of the world.

Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire.
Book #1 of the fantasy mystery series, The Aunt Enid Mysteries. Published 2018.

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The Department of Curiosities:
A Steampunk Adventure Series

Karen is currently writing a second series of books set in her Victorian steampunk world. Set in early to mid 1880s. The story begins late 2018

For the good of The Empire.

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Stand alone books

Short Story Collections

With a Twist of the Nib
(ebook only: A collection of ten speculative flash fiction and short stories. )

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From the super short and snappy to some longer stories that have me keen to read the novels to come. Aunt Enid sounds like heaps of fun!” – Narrelle M Harris, author (Goodreads review).

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