The Adventures of Viola Stewart

A Victorian Steampunk Mystery Series

The Adventures of Viola Stewart – introduces Viola Stewart, a widowed optician with a penchant for detectiving, who stumbles upon a secret Society of Men in Grey. This Victorian Mystery series is set in a steampunk fantasy world and has a gaslamp flavour. Viola’s first three adventures were published May, 2015.

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Journal #1: Doctor Jack & Other Tales

The first set of tales are available separately as eBooks: #1: Three Short Stories (mini-anthology) and #2: Doctor Jack (novella), and as a paperback compilation of all four adventures.

Adventures Viola Stewart Available

Three short stories and a novella by Karen J Carlisle.

Who is that Man in Grey? Why does he want Viola’s toy dirigible?

Who is taking the children? And what is the connection between Viola’s missing patients, the photographer and The Society?

What if Jack the Ripper was being controlled by a secret society,for their nefarious plans to take over The Empire?

Doctor Jack & Other Tales features the short, An Eye for Detail: (short listed in The Australian Literature Review’s Murder-Mystery Short Story Competition, June 2013.)

Paperback edition 2 now available – with bonus excerpt


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Journal #2: Eye of the Beholder and Other Tales

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Three more short stories and a novella by Karen J Carlisle.

All of Viola’s plans have gone astray. Has Henry forgotten Viola’s birthday or are there more nefarious things afoot?

The Men in Grey return – with plans for Viola. Can Polly save the day?

Will the lure of technology seduce Viola or will Henry lose her forever?

With Doctor Henry Collins at her side, Viola runs foul of mummies, curses and the paranormal. But this time, the threat of Bedlam looms over them…


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Journal #3: The Illusioneer & Other Tales

Viola returns for a third set of adventures. Seeing is believing… or is it?

The eyes can be deceived.

Scheduled for mid-2017 release.

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