Karen – the Artist

When not writing, Karen follows her artistic muse.  Even at an early age, she could not choose between drawing, photography or writing. She first mastered Holly Hobby pencil sketches at the age of 8 and had her first photograph published in her school magazine.

Karen has had artwork published in Australian Realms, Cold Angel Comics, Cockatrice  Arts and Sciences Magazine and the I33: Fencing in the Style of Walpurgis Manuscript (Fencing Manual).
She has also won various art competitions. She has had photographs published in Coztume, online by The State Library of South Australia and was included in the 7th edition of Schmap Adelaide Guide.
Her artwork is influenced by the Renaissance, fantasy and steampunk. She works mostly in pencils, inks and gouache.  Karen is slowly trying to engage in the digital age.

She prefers candid-style photography and the challenge of using natural or simple lighting.


You can find my non-writing work (art and photography) at: