“A spendiferously splendid tale of adventure among the high teas.”

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The first Department of Curiosities review is out!

For ‘The Department of Curiosities’, I was determined to get organised. This time I managed to finally send out ARC (Advanced Review Copies) before the official book release date!

When I checked my messages yesterday, there was a link from one of the reviewers. My first review was in!

Thanks to Mark Hayes’ Indie April (May) Book Reviews on his blog, The Passing Place. Here are a few excerpts:

A splendiferously splendid tale of adventure among the high teas.”

“Karen spins a great yarn, its light when it needs to be light, dark when it needs to be dark, funny and absurd but always believably so. At its core, its a fun read about a resourceful young lady in an armoured corset.” …

“If, as I very much suspect, they are as well written, as entertaining, as delightfully absurd in all the best ways, and just as bloody good storytelling, then I can’t wait to read them. ”
Mark Hayes 

You can read the full review HERE.


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