Photo Friday: Still Life

Photo Friday

When I get bored or fall into a procrastination hole, I do one of a few things:

  • research (now that is a deep rabbit hole!)
  • do some gardening – especially weeding or digging.
  • play around with cover designs or
  • grab my camera. It’s amazing how many mundane things can be beautiful and interesting. Sometimes I play around with digital effects.

I love finding a new angle, or composition that can make something ordinary extraordinary, such as my favourite tea cup with an octopus tea ball, after playing with some filters.


When I’m out, everything is fair game. My family are used to me saying: “Hang on, I just want to take a photo.” I get a eye rolls and time limits. When I was due to update my smart phone, I was looking for one with the best photo resolution and larger screen to see the photos easier. The sales guy was flabbergasted; he had an entire spiel for music, speakers and games.

Here are a couple of serendipitous photos taken (as is) with my phone (Xperia Z1):



Photos©2016 Karen J Carlisle.
All rights reserved.

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