The Law of Murphy

Most of you have probably heard of Murphy’s Law:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Over the years I have had more than just a passing acquaintance with dear, unrelenting, Murphy. Honestly, I wish he would stop hanging around and buggering things up. Hasn’t he got any where else to be? He has plagued me most heinously over the past few months. Enough already!

Back in February, I thought I would be clever and give myself well over two months to do final rewrites and edits on my novella. Hey, it was only a novella after all. Not even half a novel length. Right?

I had a neatly packaged timetable all drawn up, leaving a month to order a proof copy of my book, do a leisurely final read through and get books posted to me a few weeks before my book launch at the end of May.

Murphy is a right royal….

Things were chugging along. My deadline was but a blip on the future timeline. No problems. Then came the month of hell, starting with the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. I had met him twice. He was a lovely man. Who’d thought the death of such a fleeting acquaintance would rock me so much? After a few days of inactivity, I rallied enthusiasm by making the Doctor Jack book trailer. I was back on track.

The next blow came with the sudden decline in health of my beloved Tish – my Devon Rex cat. In twenty-two years, she had been my consolation through a tumultuous first marriage and subsequent divorce, the death of friends, increasing work anxiety and now a change of career. Thank goodness I have my family; they were now my support during the harrowing process of watching my dear friend spiral into ill health. The decision to put her to sleep was one of the most gut-wrenching in my life.
I still miss her – stealing choice morsels of food and demanding a lap to sit upon.

It was a week before I could attempt any constructive writing, only to be floored by (get this not one, but three things at once! For goodness sake, Murphy!) laryngitis, pharyngitis and infected sinuses! Two weeks of antibiotics and brain muddle is not exactly conducive to best critical assessment and rewrites.

My inner editor freaked out.
Inserting cute teapot here, for a calming effect:fairy teapot 1505

Add to this computer glitches, delays completing required forms and uploading files due to forced adherence to a specific scheduled order of things (still waiting on some items to be returned to me so I can go forward on some points. Ugh), washing machine failure, resultant emergency white good shopping trip, subsequent delivery of said washing machine, required furniture moving and major laundry floor clean up – all before the half-washed load decided to grow legs and walk.
Just breathe.

It arrived 150419My inner editor threatened to have a panic attack.
I soldiered on, with the support of my family and the help of my writing group, who rallied to aid with editing. Four beta readers, several rewrites, including a complete character background change, four line edits, and five proof read passes later – I have my proof copy and am awaiting the first shipment of books. Patiently. I am praying Murphy is not a postal worker.

I now know how to organise the publishing side of this book gig – and what order is most (and least) time proficient. I won’t need to do all of the initial registering for US tax, accounts for payment and other legal requirements. I  have a better grasp on formatting (which was the easiest step), times taken to approve, order proof copy, re-edit (There is always mistakes you miss the first twelve times round) and what the real postage times are. Next time I give myself just over three months to sort out the final publishing. Or more.

But there is a balance in the Universe.
Earlier this month I was approached by Lynne, a fellow writer and well-known Australia steampunk blogger, for an interview about my writing. You can see the interview on her blog, Cogpunk Steamscribe.

steampunkbuttonforgroupsI was also contacted by the organisers of Steampunk Coffeetime Romance and More. They had already highlighted my  my eBook of Three Short Stories and invited me to do a guest blog post, on 28th May – just in time for the launch of my paperback, Doctor Jack and Other Tales, on 30th May.
Perfect timing!
Drop by their blog on 28th May and check out my post, and another chance to win a copy of both my eBooks, Three Short Stories and Doctor Jack, (eBook due out by the end of the month).

And pray the post arrives in time.

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The Law of Murphy was originally published on karen j carlisle / off the artboard

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