Steampunk Hands: International Steampunk Q&A

Wow. What a week!

I finished painting and gluing my steampunk Fairy Eliminator, visited local artiscan’s workshops for photoshoots and had my first internation request for a guest blog post, translated into Spanish.

I was also asked to take part in an International Q&A Interview (of several fellow steampunks all over the world) by  Raydeen, who writes the blog – My Ethereality. Today she posted part one of the interview. 

Thanks to Raydeen for asking me. I am honoured to be in such great company.


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Steampunk Hands: International Steampunk Q&A was originally published on karen j carlisle / off the artboard

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1 Response to Steampunk Hands: International Steampunk Q&A

  1. married2arod says:

    Sounds like you’re busy. I’ve always wanted to write a steampunk YA novel but I’m afraid I’d have too much research ahead of me.

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