Works in Progress


  • First book of the first duology (from this side) of The Otherworlds:
    Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire – a cosy paranormal mystery

Total Words:  
Rewrites in Progress :  

Currently re-scheduled for May 29th, 2018 release.

  • The Department of Curiosities: All for the good of the Empire. –  a steampunk tale of a heroine, mad scientists, traitors and secrets. Book 1 in The Department of Curiosities steampunk adventure series. (Novel length)

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Word Progress (rewrites completed):  

Currently scheduled for late 2018 release.

Planned Novels or Series:

  • The Wizard of St Giles: Access to electrical technology is rare and dangerous. Research is illegal throughout The Empire and most of Europe. But why?
    Set in the shadowy part of my alternate steampunk Victorian world, The Wizard of St Giles delves into a dark world most never see.
  • Through the Mirror, Darkly fantasy novel  (working title, part of second duology (from the other side) of The Otherworlds) – on hold:
    – A Fantasy – with dragons, fairies and gnomes, betrayal and friendship, and a lost girl who needs to find her way.

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