Upcoming Events for March, 2021

Events for the year are still up in the air, at the moment. I’m in the process of looking into potential events – both online  and live events (post vaccine) – for this year. 
  • 5-7th March – LitCon 2021 – Where Readers meet & Authors Greet. This is an online event, with authors from around the world. I have an author booth in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre shops, and am hosting a Steampunk panel, with Ged Maybury (award winning childrens and steampunk author) and Michael Pryor (author of The Laws of Magic)
    Join us 1.00pm Sunday 7th (ACDT/Adelaide time) = 9.30am March 6th (EST)
    For more info, check out their website, and the FB page where lives will be posted.
  • 5-6 th MarchWild Wild West Con. I’m sitting on a panel – 6.00pm Friday 5th March (MST)/ 11.30am Saturday 6th March (ACDT/Adelaide time).  Should be  fun.


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Social Media Links Reminder

Hello, everyone.
With all of Facebook’s shenanigans, I’m posting my social media details here for you to bookmark…
Just in case.


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Patreon exclusive Behind the Scenes Reward

My Patreon supporters just received their Behind the Scenes video reward for February.
This month we go behind the scenes for LitCon 2021, reveal upcoming events, take a sneak peek at MassCon 2021 panels, reveal new cover commission projects, and reveal my plans for Adelaide Steampunk Festival.


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February Patreon Shout Out

Thank you to all my #Patreon supporters. Here’s a special shout out for my top supporters.

My first post via Instagram/IGTV – so I can add auto-generated subtitles for accessibility


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I’ve got a (some) secret projects brewing…

And I’m going to tell my Patreon supporters first!

So, don’t miss this month’s Patreon Livechat (Sat 13th Adelaide time) or the February ‘Behind the Scenes’ video.

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Newsletter subscribers – watch out for this month’s newsletter – for your sneak peek announcements.

Image Text: Shhh… I’ve got a secret. Some new projects are coming up soon. Watch this space for future announcements.
[#imagedescription: Karen is holding one finger to her lips. She has purple hair with a long grey streak at the front, and is wearing purple and silver metal-framed spectacles. The background is magenta. ]
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You’re Invited to Another Online Event – April, 2021

10-12th April: Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend Onine event

Save the Dates for my second event of 2021!

I’ve been asked to join the Tea Scouts, Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter, the Temporal Entourage, and the the Tucson Steampunk Society for a panel during their weekend event full of virtual panels, performances, and sundry adventures. Schedule, guests, and events TBA. Click here for more information.

It’s free, and I’d love you to join me.

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MassCon 2021 – Wrap Up

I love online events. Not only does it ease my social anxiety, it allows me to meet new friends and catch up with existing friends (and writers, and steampunks) from all over the world.

This weekend, the local Adelaide SF/F group, Critical Mass, held their (usually) annual mini con online. The organiser, Roman (a friend), asked me to host a steampunk tea, and to sit in on a Doctor Who panel – my two favourite things – so, of course I said yes!



(Pics above are some of the teaser pics I posted on Instagram, and some screenshots from the tea and the panel.)

Other panels/chats included one on new SF books people have read, a talk by Eugen Bacon on ‘Afrofuturism, Speculative fiction, genre boundaries and interfaces‘, a talk about the early days of AUSFA (a local group), and a talk by John D Berry on typography (useful for formatting!). Other talks included best new SF on television, audio/radio dramas, and podcasting (also very useful). Australian Ditmar winning author, Gillian Polack, spoke about Jewish SF in Australia.

A lot to pack in one day!

Many talks were recorded, so I hope they’ll surface soon for those who couldn’t attend to view.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, and to the organisers for asking me to participate. I’d forgotten how much I missed fan run cons.


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MassCon 2021 Update

Read the updates and links to the timetable so far at Adelaide Fan Review

My panels:
4.20pm – steampunk tea (costumes encouraged)
8.20pm (revised time) – Doctor Who panel


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Mass Con 2021 Online event

  • Join me for my first event of 2021!
    Sunday 31st January – 12noon – 8pm (ACDT)

Mass Con 2021 is an Australian based online (fan) SF con (via Zoom), hosted by the Adelaide SF group, Critical Mass.

I’m sitting in on a few panels. Should be fun. Join me for the steampunk tea at 4.20pm (ASDT) – a chance to wear your steampunk finery (and ask me questions about steampunk, writing or my books)!

For details read The Adelaide Fan Review Blog or Facebook event page.

Schedule update: 4.20pm – Steampunk Tea / 8.20pm – I’m on the Doctor Who panel.


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A minor hiccup… back to reality.

The problem with chronic health issues and anxiety is you never know what the next 24 hours holds in store.

On Sunday night, I woke at about 3.30am. My feet (left leg), lips and fingers were tingly. Not always a good sign. My pulse felt like it was fluttering. Nausea swept over me. I panicked. (It didn’t help that I’d had a bad dream – with my leg going gangrenous and falling off!)

Next were the intermittent shakes. I felt cold. (I usually overheat and am the one in a tshirt in the middle of winter).
Cue more panic.
I checked my pulse oximeter. (That little finger thing that does oxygen levels and measures your pulse. I have one due to my breathing issues… chronic lung issues suck. I also use it as biofeedback to slow my pulse when having a panic attack – but that point was moot at the time.) My oxygen levels had apparently plummeted to 75%, no 65%, no 55%! What the!? If they were that low then I’d be passed out (well, it had been dropped recently).

By 4.30am I was in the local Emergency Department, with a migraine on top of everything else.

I  end up in hospital with panic attacks mimicking heart attacks once or two times a year. The last time in early 2020. All was fine. My blood work always came back clear. (They look for a hormone that indicates if you’ve had a heart episode. ) I’ve seen a heart specialist twice because of the symptoms. (Just needed to get fitter – which I’m currently working on.)
The tests were clear for heart episodes this time as well, but…
I was now being force-fed saline; the nurse mentioned something about my kidneys and that the doctor would be with me soon.


As I wasn’t having symptoms of renal failure, and my previous bloods in 2020 hadn’t indicated any issues, the doctor ordered another test to make sure.

A few hours – and no sleep – later, the doctor returned. The second tests were negative for kidney issues, so they checked out the original blood tests. It turned out the lab had switched them around (not good) and mine were indeed all clear for any kidney issues. (Good for me, but not good for the other patient.) I couldn’t blame the doctor. Not their fault. And I felt a twinge of sympathy for the lab tech (they are off their feet with Covid testing at the moment) and winced at the bollocking they would get.

But, for me, all was well. Their verdict: heart was okay. It was likely panic attack, leading to/ or associated with a migraine. And I needed to replace my pulse oximeter.

So, with more holes in my body than I started the day with and about one hour of sleep, I arrived home – just in time for my regular Zoom steampunk book club meeting. (Virtual steampunk bookclub)

Cue lot of cups of tea, chocolate, and good bye to my exercises for the day.

Fortunately, I’d completed the third rewrite to the end of A Fey Tale’s chapter 7.  Yesterday I finished your Behind the Scenes Patreon video reward. Today, I’m transcribing chapter 8 from my handwritten first draft to the computer. Getting there slowly.

Thus is the life of a writer with chronic health (and anxiety/PTSD) issues. I scratch away, page by page. I need to get these stories out of my head, while many more pour in to fill the spaces.

I’m coming to terms with the fact can’t do six impossible things before breakfast anymore. I’m just doing the best I can.


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