Doctor Jack & Other Tales: Beware Scammer Sellers on Amazon

It’s come to my attention that book scammers may be selling heavily discounted copies of my first book, Doctor Jack & Other Tales, on Amazon.

The ONLY current edition of Doctor Jack is edition 2.
Look for the title: Doctor Jack & Other Tales, with the SUBTITLE: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1 – and was published by Kraken Publishing in 2016 – available via Ingram Spark.

You can find it HERE on Amazon. This is MY BOOK

This original edition was originally titled: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1: Doctor Jack and Other Tales. This was my first foray into indie publishing and was published in 2015, via Createspace – which is NO MORE. This was removed when Createspace closed down.

The reviews are genuine – left over from the first edition. Amazon won’t transfer them to the second edition. I’m also having issues removing this copy from my Amazon Author Page.

I’ve found it still selling on Amazon under the original title, supposedly available from CREATESPACE, with 1 left in stock.
This was removed from sale. I get NO ROYALTY PAYMENTS from this copy. I don’t know how they can supply the book when it’s been pulled from Createspace – and Creatspace DOESN’T NOT EXIST any more. Don’t get caught out.

How to tell the difference: The official copy has:

  • The main title is ‘Doctor Jack & Other Tales’ – with an ampersand
  • It is published by Kraken Publishing
    (Old (not printed) edition one WAS published by Createspace.)
  • CURRENT ISBN is: 978-0994485007
  • it is the 2nd edition
  • and was published on 20 August, 2016
  • RRP is US$11.99/ AUS$16.99
  • I get paid when you buy a book!

This is the cover:

Also beware the BUY BUTTON. This article explains how scammers are using it to claim cheaper available book versions. Authors don’t get royalties, and many could be scammers. It’s the old – ‘if it’s too good to be true‘ adage.

If in doubt buy from other book stores. You can find a list of bookstores here.

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