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As you can see, I’ve updated the look of my webpage just recently. Recently, I’ve been working on my website bookshop, ready for upcoming events.
My website shop was in need of overhauling, to provide more economical postage options for my readers. The basic Woo Commerce widget/plug-in-thing only allowed for basic shipping options: one book/one postage cost. This meant if you bought mutliple books, you paid multiple postage. I really wasn’t happy with that.
I also streamlined the categories and added a special event category.
After some research, I’ve finally found an extra add-on plug-in thingy to allow for variable postage to make postage more affordable when buying multiple books.
It took two days to work it all out, upload it, and reword some product info. Some things, like mugs and pre-order for A Fey Tale, needed to have postage added to work around the limitations of the free add-on. But I think it’s all sorted now!
If you’re buying  Christmas presents, you can choose the old Flat Rate (post per book) to have them posted to different addresses (you’ll need to make a note of that in your instructions). If you want to buy multiple books, then the Aust Post (1 Shipment) puts them all in one package.
  • The postage cost has been added to each mug. These will be posted separately to fit in the parcel.
  • Pre-order of ‘A Fey Tale’ paperbacks also have post added to the listed price. This will allow for you to order other books at the same time. As ‘A Fey Tale’ can’t be posted until it is available, you will get the rest of your order when ordered. A Fey Tale will be posted later.
  • Pre-order books for ‘click and collect’ for physical events. This is now available to give contactless (well, as much as possible) transactions. You pay before hand, and collect from the event – so no postage costs required. And you get your exclusive bookplates(But don’t forget to pick it up or I’ll have to invoice you postage before you can get your books!)

Check out the upgraded book shop here.

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