Patreon Shout out #1

Shout out time.
Thanks to Kellie Kininmont, not only is she my top Patreon supporter… Just look what arrived in the post today. Some Phryne Fisher specialty teas – a surprise gift from Kellie Kininmont.
Thank you so much! I drank the tea in my vintage 1920 Royal Dalton teacup set. (Phryne uses a green version of the same design in the TV show.) Perfect for writing my story set in 1920.
[#imagedescription 1: Two boxes, each containing a tin of specialty tea. Top: Phryne Fisher: Gunpowder Citrus Mate & Raspberry Green. Bottom: Mambo Peach & Masala Chai. To the right is a gift card with the text: Happy tea drinking. Kel Kininmont.
2: A vintage teacup set. It is white, with gold sashes, oval decals and roses. A teaball sits in the cup. The Phryne Fisher tea tin is on the left.]
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