Tax Stuff… and Tier Update

Well, you’ve probably read about the new tax laws around the world, that will affect Patreon pledges. I’ve had to list all the Patreon rewards for EVERY tier, and assign costs, so the Powers That Be can do their thing…
As part of the process, I’ve expanded the reward for the top tier – Agent of the Crown. If you have that much spare to support an indie author, I applaude you (and grovel at your feet) – so you deserve a little more…
I’ve added to the exclusive reward:FREE talk/workshop/cafe chat for your book group/fan group/steampunk group/community group when I’m in your area. You provide the public venue.
The addition is: This is also available online as a Zoom or Skype event (up to 3 over a 12 month period) for remote access.

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