The Departments of Curiosities Review

There’s a new review on both Amazon and Smashwords. Thank you to G Walden for taking the time to share this review:

“I was fortunate to have won this book in a contest, and I am so happy I did. Steampunk is not a genre I would normally choose, however,I found this book extremely well written and exciting. Even though there are many fantastic gadgets,I feel this story is more character driven with mystery, treachery, sabotage and spies set in Queen Victoria’s time. I enjoyed following Tillies’ adventure as she tries to prove her father was not a traitor to the crown. The writing is exciting, the characters engaging and there were a number of surprises. I have never read this author before, so it was wonderful to read a well crafted plot, great characters a totally entertaining book.”
– G Walden (Amazon)/ (Smashwords)

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