Book Squirrel Review: The Adventures of Viola Stewart

A big thank you to Book Squirrel for reviewing the first ebook in The Adventures of Viola Stewart series, ‘Three Short Stories’ – with a silver acorn!

“This book presents three Victorian-style short stoeies featuring Viola Stewart at different phases of her life – one as a child, two as an adult. Throughout, she is clever, vivacious and scientifically minded, creating a sense of positive connection and admiration in the reader’s mind. It is easy to see how the young girl with a toy dirigible grew into the optician with a scientist’s eye for detail. 

The second and third stories explore mysterious circumstances that occur, with the investigations falling to Viola and her friend, Dr Henry Collins. 

The stories are interesting and entertaining, leaving the reader keen to know more of Viola Stewart. “

Book Review: ‘The Adventures of Viola Stewart: Three Short Stories’ by Karen J Carlisle

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