Down the Research Rabbit Hole…

I got excited on the weekend. I was catching up on some live chats by favourite authors and was reminded of some research books I had planned to get.

I bought a copy of Timetables of History. I finally found a cheap copy so I can write my series’ alternate timelines in it. I know, sacrilege, right? But so useful!

I also went looking for some Baedecker’s guides for future books. They have guides to various parts of the world from early 1800s onward. I would dearly love some hardcovers but the cheapest was almost three hundred dollars (and upward beyond six hundred). I really couldn’t afford that, so I found copies online at I love this site!

And hence the downward slide deeper into the rabbit hole began. I’ve now got copies of guides for England, London, Northern Italy and France and Egypt, dated from 1883 to 1898…

All of which will be useful for planned books. I won’t tell you which books yet!

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