Egads! This is why I’m not an accountant.

First: a BIG THANK YOU  to all of my Patreon supporters. I am in awe that you are willing to help support me, which allows me to continue writing, creating and sharing with you.

Second: another BIG THANK YOU to anyone reading this and are considering   supporting me. It is because of you I can get up every day and continue to create, aim to avoid depending on government handouts, and quell that black dog that keeps scratching at my door.

With the new year, it was time to revisit all my pages, sort out my budget for the year and set my goals for 2019. One of those was creating more rewards for you all.

But, egads! I got a shock.

It was scary when I realised I jumped into Patreon without doing my numbers properly    (indlcuding Patreon fees in US dollars). With accumulative rewards comes *accumulative costs* and fees. And that’s something I forgot to take into account in my  excitement to share my creations with you.

It was even scarier when I realised I’d under-estimated costs (at the higher tiers I would be making a potential loss). So, I sat down and crunched the numbers again.  Eep!
It’s time to rethink and re-launch my rewards and tiers.

I cherish ALL my supporters dearly; be assured no one already signed up will be affected. All my existing patrons will get MORE for your support.  I’ve also added in some shorter term goals for you to think about.

The major change is in the higher level tiers, where I hadn’t taken into account all the costs of the rewards and the exchange rate between Australian dollars and US dollars (which meant my costs went up) – big, humungous OOPS! This meant I was potentially losing money.

After a few polls, it seems most of you would prefer I keep the lower tiers over the higher tiers. As a result I’m removing the $15 tier and rolling most of its rewards down to the other tiers. The two upper tiers have been increased to cover costs (but have more potential  rewards).

I appreciate your patience and understanding in this reshuffle. The updated tiers will appear before the end of February, as will the new lower level goals – with more potential rewards for everyone. The new awards commence in March – with the first Behind the Scenes video done and scheduled.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Video Intro I created for them:

So, if you’ve been thinking about checking out my Patreon page, now is the time. New videos, new short stories and new books on the way.


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