Adelaide Supanova Round Up

It’s done.  And I’m still exhausted and regathering spoons for this month’s challenge: NaNoWriMo.  Wish me luck. You can follow my progress on my NaNo page.

I tweaked my new table presentation, based on Steampunk Festival. My new posters were perfect in the larger space.

For those who couldn’t attend Adelaide Supanova, here’s the event video (yep, costume, artist alley and indie author centric).


The ‘Create your own steampunk world or persona’ talk was well attended and I answered more steampunk and writing questions afterwards. Thanks to everyone who took time out from the guest program to hear about steampunk, world building and creating your own steampunk persona.

On Sunday I joined fellow Adelaide indie authors, Katie Fraser, Matt Pike and Kylie Leane to chat about how we write and the sliding scale of plotting versus pantsing…


I actually had time to work on some quick costumes this year. Saturday I wore my Missy (Doctor Who). I made the hat, the skirt and detachable collar. The shirt was re-jigged from an opshop find.

Sunday was a quick version of the 13th Doctor. I made the skirt and the bum bag (fanny pack for those who don’t know what a bum bag is) added a transfer to the t-shirt. My darling hubby bought me the sonic for my birthday.

I’ll be creating maker videos/costume diaries of both outfits, and posting them after NaNo. So, stay tuned.

There were some fantastic costume creations over the weekend… Here are just a few:


This year was a little slow compared to previous years (though better on Sunday when the con organisers finally opened the adjoining doors between the two sections of the event), even though I was right next to the Comic Book Guests. Not sure what it was, but other Artist Alley participants mooted the same comments.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello, and to those who purchased a book (or two). And a big shout out to Tilly and Tara, my number one crazy (their words, not mine) fans. You make my day every time you pop by! (We were so busy chatting I forgot to get a photo of you both on the weekend.)

Most importantly: thank God the aircon was working this year!

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