Supanova Update!

Dear Reader, I’ve got some news. I’ve been accepted by Supanova  – two talks!

This year I’m doing TWO talks at this year’s Adelaide Supanova. If you’re in Adelaide for Supanova come and hear about steampunk and writing methods (I’m a pantser-plotter).

Here’s the details:

Supanova Adelaide. Wayville Showgrounds
2-4th November

Talk #1:

Sat 3rd Nov @ 2.30pm – Imagineer’s and Gaming Stage
Creating Your Own Steampunk World or Persona
(on writing/ costuming steampunk)

Use existing history and places to create your own unique steampunk world, or you can design your own from scratch. I’ll discuss steampunk tropes and the use of gadgets, as well as various steampunk sub-genres, how to include magic and the supernatural and how to incorporate ‘punk’ in your world and stories.
I’ll also explore character types, their interaction in their new steampunk world and how the process can be used to create steampunk costume personas.
This panel will be of interest to those who are steampunk-curious, interested in writing steampunk stories or creating steampunk comics, and to costumers/cosplayers interested in creating their own unique steampunk persona.

Talk #2:

Sun 4th Nov @ 4.00pm – Imagineer’s and Gaming Stage
Indie Author talk
with fellow Adelaide spec fic authors, Katie Fraser, Kylie Leane and Matt Pike  (on plotting and pantsing).

A group of Independent Authors will present a panel on the different ways they write their novels. There are generally two approaches to writing a novel, ‘plotting’ where you outline the plot and scenes before starting to write or ‘pantsing’ (from flying by the seat of your pants) where authors start writing and see where it goes from there…

I’ll also be in Artist Alley all weekend.

UPDATE 21/10/18:

Here’s how to find the Imagineer and Gaming Stage in Adelaide

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