Sept-October Patreon Post is Live

Here’s what my supporters got:
September Rewards and Bonuses:

All Patreon supporters (Aether Tech ($1 tier)+:

  • discussion post about Aunt Enid relaunch and
  • reschedule of ‘The Department of Curiosities’ publication date.

Cogs in the Machine ($3 tier)+:

  • Maker Video Diaries of custom-made props and final gnome army rallying for upcoming book trailer.
  • sneak peek at new Aunt Enid promo/social media quote cards

Conspirators ($5 tier)+ get

  • access to a free digital download of the new song, The Gadgeteer.
  • Live Chat (via Discord) Sat 13th October @ 11.30 am – 1.30 pm (Adelaide, South Australia time) Ask me questions or just chat.

New Adventurer Extraordinaire ($10 tier)+ get:

  • eBook copy of Aunt Enid:Protector Extraordinaire.

If you love steampunk stories and music (or want to hear something new), want to get exclusives and sneak peek videos and photos, and background info or just want to chat/ask questions, then sign up to support me!

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