This Month’s Patreon Posts are live!

Public Patreon Post: Jul 25 at 6:56pm
July/August Rewards and Bonuses

Here’s what my supporters get:

All Patreon supporters (Aether Tech ($1 tier)+:

  • discussion post about song lyrics, music video, upcoming interviews and blog posts
  • early access to ‘Aunt Enid’ sale for Aunts and Uncles Day – 26th Juy

Cogs in the Machine ($3 tier)+:

  • Sneak peek at a video in progress. It’s almost ready…

Conspirators ($5 tier)+ get

  • access to a free digital download of the new song, The Gadgeteer.
  • Live Chat (via Discord) Sat 11th August @ 11.30 am – 1.30 pm (Adelaide, South Australia time) Ask me questions or just chat.

If you love steampunk music (or want to hear something new), want to chat/ask questions, then sign up to support me!

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