Airship Ambassador

By Professor Elemental


So, you’re considering a Steampunk road trip are you? Jolly good. The open road, the wind in your hair, the bugs in your teeth,* the locals staring at you when you stop somewhere for a tinkle. All jolly good fun I’m sure, but HOLD ON. What if it goes horribly wrong? It’s all fun and games until someone’s home made mechanical wings get caught in a revolving door or you end up stranded in Swindon without your disco trousers.**

You need help. And advice. The kind of advice that only a seasoned traveller with miles on the road and bags under his eyes can give you.

Here then, is everything you need before embarking on the road.


It’s worth having somewhere to go, otherwise you’ll drive until you run out of petrol or drive into the sea- but before embarking, do check that the place…

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