Conflux 13: Day 2

Shooting Through

It’s 7:05pm as I begin writing, bleary-eyed and rocking a banquet-sized hunger (in related news, the official Conflux 13 banquet begins in twenty-five minutes).

First things first: after a panicked search and paying a suitable bribe to Miss Five, I have the GOOD tiara, and have been wearing it all day.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 7.04.06 PM

I’m also wearing an epic purple tutu, and wings. It’s possible glitter and craft glue are involved.

(There are brass lamps and circular patterns in the foyer/bar/restaurant. It is shiny, and the perfect accidentally-steampunky venue for my launch of “Antipodean Queen 2: Silver and Stone” tomorrow at 2pm in the JFK room.)

Note to self: Take pictures. Promise to show them to people who read tomorrow’s blog.

I extremely enjoyed being on the “Beyond the Hunger Games: Best young adult books in the last twelve months” panel. My personal top picks (based on personal taste + genius):

  1. “Borderline” and…

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