Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017 – Steampunk Theater Performance

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Do you enjoy the worlds of Second Life? If so, there’s an opportunity for you to watch a steampunk theater performance, live!

“Weaving a Dark Web” (Fäden weben im dunklen Netz) is an adaption of Thorsten Küper’s short story for the virtual world of Second Life. Thorsten, alias Kueperpunk, will be supported by the voices of Bernhard Giersche, Frederic Brake, Rubeus Helgerud, Markus Gersting and Kirsten Riehl. They act on four impressive stages showing a steampunked London of the late 19th Century. The stage play will be performed in German.


The event is scheduled for Sunday, February the 5th and it starts at 8 PM Middle European Time.

The SLURL (Location in SecondLife) is:


Preview images can be seen on Kueper`s blog.


“Fäden weben im dunklen Netz”, ist die Adaption von Thorsten Küpers gleichnamiger Kurzgeschichte für die virtuelle Welt von SecondLife. …

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