Photo Sunday: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas dear Reader.

Today is a family day for me; a day for sharing, eating special treats and spending family time together. My friends and family know me – chocolate, books (I now have the full Simon R Green series of Blue Moon books), games and geeky things.

dsc_3442_20161225114521984 dsc_3445_20161225114430705

After a lunch of special treats,


it was time for a cup of tea and Haighs’ chocolate …
dsc_3454_20161225111743380_20161225112442223… and a little light reading and watching Christmas movies (including Hogfather).


It was a pleasure to relax after Christmas Eve, spent gathering up the last of our Christmas supplies, avoiding frustrated Christmas shoppers (capturing a few geeky finds at the local Salvos- for under $15 total!) and watching a Doctor Who Christmas special marathon.

dsc_3400_20161222095852370I was reminded, by the Tenth Doctor, of the two words the Doctor can’t refuse: “Help me.” (The Next Doctor, Season 4.5)

Christmas is many things – family, gift giving, spectacular feasts. For me, Christmas is also a reminder on how we should treat others – you know, ‘Good will’ and all that.
This year, we shopped at Oxfam online for our presents, giving donations towards a goat and chickens for families in Mozambique, honey bees in New Guinea, empowering young people and fighting climate change in the Pacific. We have so much. We can share.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Revel in your family. Share good tidings of the season. Share the love. But, look beyond the one day. Think beyond yourself, beyond your family. Reconsider that barbed tweet or that spiteful post and share something kind instead.

Go forth and be excellent to each other.

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