Remember the 5th of November. Den of Antiquity Launch Day.

Today is the launch of Den of Antiquity, an anthology of steampunk short stories, written by the members of Scribblers’ Den – a writing collective on the forum, Steampunk Empire. (And, yes, the date was chosen on purpose.)


I’ve been fortunate to be a member for the past couple of years and am pleased to call them friends. Members hail from around the globe. I decided to add a bit of Australia to the anthology with my story, All That Glitters.

All profits go to charity:

With today’s release of The Den Of Antiquity you can not only entertain yourself, but also make a contribution to a worthy cause. The collaborative opinion when we at the Scribblers’ Den decided on a new anthology, was that any money made should go to a charity to be decided closer to the date. As one of our Scribblers’ Den members actually lives in Haiti and has first hand experience of the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, the collective opinion was that the International Red Cross will receive whatever royalties we earn in order to help people who literally have been left with nothing more than the clothes they stand up in.” NOA Rawle.

Read more about our anthology, and some background on stories by Jack Tyler, Alice E Keyes, Neale Green, David Lee Summers, Naomi and yours truly, in Naomis’ blog post: The Den of Antiquity – Be Charitable – Get Your Copy Today.


When one thinks of a den, one tends to think of comfort. A cozy room in the house—a quiet, comfortable place, a room for conversation, reading, or writing. One doesn’t tend to think of high adventure, dragons, vampires, airships, or paranormal creatures. And yet, that’s just what you’ll find in these pages. Stories of adventure and mystery! Paranormal, dark, and atmospheric tales! The fantastical and the imaginative, the dystopian and post-apocalyptic, and everything in between! So settle in to the coziest room in your house, plop down into your favourite armchair, and dive in to the Den of Antiquity.

Copies available as ebook and paperback.
from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Amazon US, Amazon UK

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