I’ve got Cabin Fever. It’s Driving Me Insane!

Well, what a week.

I’ve discovered new forms of pain, developed a (to be confirmed) allergy to psyllium and have been functioning on an excess of broken sleep for over ten days.

Concentration has eluded me. I sit in front of my computer and stare at a blank screen. My eyelids flutter and the world disappears. I wake after my nanna nap, wipe my eyes and frown at the screen. It’s still empty.

So I try to catch up on some DVDs, but struggle to concentrate, miss all the vital clues and wake up with a sore neck, just as the credits roll up the screen.

My week has been full of increased fibre, plenty of fluids and pacing around the house. I’m growing sick of peppermint tea. If I have to eat one more apple…
I crave a thick juicy steak, with chips and chocolate cake and crisps and brownies and low-fibre, high fat, unhealthy snacks.
And to top it off, that psyllium allergy rash is wreaking its vengence!

Ha, I thought. I’ll just pop down to the shops and buy a lemon meringue pie and that DVD that is on sale. Not so. No driving allowed. For almost six weeks. I’m trapped at home, waiting for my family to return from shopping and a Pokemon recky. More pacing ensures.

I have managed to do some writing. I rewrote a scene over the past two days. I shudder to think how coherent it will be when I return to it later.

Success! I have managed to do some formatting (which my Dearheart has double checked as my brain is still flitting around). The locum doctor is coming out to check on my allergic reaction and give advice on alternative fibre supplements to tide me through the next week or so of recovery. My family are making all the right consolatory comments and graciously doing housework, so I won’t be tempted to lift heavy items.

I’m making a list of possible future blog posts. What would you like me to write about? Story background? Research I’ve done for my stories? Historical figures? More shorts? More costume posts? Garden posts (though I’m forbidden to do any digging or lifting)?

winter brainHelp me! I can feel the cabin fever creeping in as I pace around the house for the umpteenth time today.

I just need to get through this recovery phase and get my brain cogs working on full steam again!


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