Gail Carriger, Steampunk Maven

Aloisius and I

This last Saturday, I donned my goggles, pocket watch, top hat, and waistcoat, and took the bus into Seattle to meet Gail Carriger–archeologist, anthropologist, fashionista, and author.

I wanted to meet Carriger not only because I love her work and characters (shout out to Biffy/Lyall), but also because, as another academic-cum-creative writer, I feel a certain intellectual kinship to Carriger.

Her writing combines history, archeology, and Victoriana, with vampires, werewolves, and myths.  My writing combines history, early media, and Gilded Age/Progressive Era politics with soul-eaters, energy-users, and legends.

And, as a hopeful author, a major part of me wanted/needed to see what kind of joy the world of publishing can bring to someone who unapologetically combines their various interests and airs them to the world.

The answer?  Just so much joy.

Carriger01 Pictured: Gail Carriger; a book signing; all the possible joy

She waltzed into the bookshop in this cool vintage…

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