Photo Friday:A Cacophony of Costumes!

This weeks Photo Friday is a compilation of some of the amazing costuming talent we have here in Adelaide, seen at last weekend’s Oz Comic Con.

  Doctor1_copyright2016KarenCarlisle DaveAnne_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

  fabriceSP_copyright2016KarenCarlisle judges2_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

hatter_copyright2016KarenCarlisle  BorgBen_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

I loved the detail of Samwise costume

My favourite costume of the day was Matt – cosplayed by Matthew (who used to radar station – really!)MattcosplayingMatt_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

And finally – the photos I enjoy the most – Mike from Fire Bear Armoury and a dalek – made by the Dalek Builders.

   firebear_copyright2016KarenCarlisle dalekhandshake_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

All photos Photos: (c) 2016 Karen Carlisle
All rights reserved.

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