On The Trials of Convention Costuming

It is convention season again. Time to rummage through the costume cupboard to rejuvenate and re-accessorise a costume.

It’s the usual story: I was going to make a new costume for Oz Comic Con.
I even made a new casual steampunk skirt back in December. I had intended to make a matching under-the-bust corset. Hmm. That is still in progress – I need to finish re-fitting the pattern.

February arrived. I was contemplating a booth in the Artists’ Alley at OCC. Much research occurred. Things happened. Costs were a bit beyond my reach this year. I may apply again in 2017 – I should have three books by then (if all goes well). This may prove more viable, cost-wise.

Bang goes another month of sewing.

March: Personal and health issues caused me to drag my feet and get woefully behind in my writing schedule. I pulled a four day marathon to finish a short story, All That Glitters, to submit to an upcoming steampunk anthology. Cue days of recovering and pain killers. I really, really (really) should take more breaks.

Another month lost to possible costuming.

This month is Camp NaNoWriMo. Thank goodness! I’ve almost completed another short Viola Stewart adventure and am closing in on my deadline. I’ve admitted to myself: I will not have an entirely new costume for Oz Comic Con.
But I am content with my decision. You, dear Reader, are important to me. I will push harder to complete Viola’s next journal, Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales, some time in June-July.

riding top hatcontrastI did buy a new hat.

It’s not too short. Not too tall. It had to be just right.
Some places call it a coachman’s hat, others a riding hat. I bought it from Adelaide Hatters, for my first Adelaide Fringe event opening. It is my new favourite and accompanied me to OCC. (I do have a very spiffy top hat but it is too heavy; wearing it all day gives me a headache. )

It served me well yesterday.

For those who did not make it to Adelaide Oz Comic Con this yesterday, here is my final outfit:


A quick rundown on the outfit:

  • OCC2016NAILSSkirt made from polycotton found on sale at Spotlight (AU$4/m)
  • Vintage, purchased from past Vintage Fair in Adelaide
  • Hose:
  • Riding Hat; Australian made tophat, purchased from Adelaide Hatters. (adjusted for height, by their milliner)
  • Blouse: found in local opshop
  • Corset: custom made (a few years ago now) by Terry (Dragon’s Blood Creations)
  • boots – found at local Salvos (originally for Bellatrix LaStrange). I love these boots. I really need to find a leather pair – or have another pair made for me.

Photos (c) 2016 Karen Carlisle / 2016 D Carlisle. All rights reserved.


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