Bright Copper Kettles

My second post for the Steampunk Hands Around the World .

Every morning I drag myself out of bed, shuffle into the kitchen and flip a switch. A low rumbling fills the room. My heart skips a bit. Caffeine is on its way.

Morning Tea_copyright2016KarenCarlisleClick.

The time is almost at hand.

I open the tea cupboard (full of tea cups I have collected over the years). I need to choose. But choose wisely. The mood for the entire day will depend on which vessel I choose to drink from. I extract the chosen one.

I’ve tarried too long. I boil the kettle again. (I don’t like cold tea)

I pour the (water), hold the cup in my hands. Take a deep breath, let the aroma fill my nostrils, seep into every pore. Flights of angels sing from on high. Relaxing. Calming.

Tea. Hot. Black. No sugar.
My favourites are Prince of Wales, English Breakfast and Black Rose.

Tea: Facilitator of social interactions.
Would you like a cuppa?” is always a great way to start a conversation and meet new friends.

Tea: A world of adventure.
There’s a fantastic tea store here in Adelaide, T2. They have a wall of tea behind the counter, with teas from around the world. There’s even a local blend. Perfect for trying something new. Just pick a variety and they supply you with a small foil package with enough for two cups of tea. I can travel from India, to Russia, to Wales in three cups.
They also have wall to wall shelves full of a rainbow of pots and cups to enjoy your new favourite tea. I blame them for fueling my tea cup obsession.


Tea: A minefield of Victorian etiquette.
Two things to remember – remove your gloves when drinking and don’t extend your pinky finger.  How many fingers through the handle? Don’t touch the cup with the spoon. Which comes first? Tea or milk? (I was always taught tea first, then milk, sugar or lemon). The list goes on.
Just give me caffeine!

Tea: Bringer of shenanigans.
Have you ever seen a tea duel, or participated in one? All you need is a pot of tea and some plain bikkies (biscuits). There’s a few rules which are easy to follow.

Tea: The (un)official steampunk beverage.
Every event has tea – because I take my own. I even have a set of travelling tea cups.

Tea follows me everywhere: writing, workshops, meetings, sewing bees, events. It is the one constant that links my work-life, social-life and hobbies. It links my every day life with my steampunk adventures. One sip and I am there – flying airships, searching for krakens, picnicking with my friends.

Tea: Definitely one of my favourite things.

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