Obligatory End of Year 2015 Post

My social media feeds are full of the obligatory end-of-year-round-up posts.

Regular readers will have read what I have done through the year (here is a list of events I have attended). The best part was meeting some of you at these events. Thank you for your support, your comments. I really appreciate you taking your time to give me feedback and tell me how much you liked Doctor Jack. (Squee!)

And yes – I am working on Journal #2 of Viola’s adventures right now! Newsletter subscribers have had already sneak preview of the first scene. (You can sign up here for Tea & Tidings -monthly newsletter if you want some exclusives and scoops.)

Some of you may have noticed I now have a Work-in-progress bar, for both Eye of the Beholder and The Department of Curiosities, on my website. Now you can check their progress. (It also gives me a kick in the butt to get moving). workinprogressWEBSITEbar2015

As a thank you, here’s an end of year present for you:

The blurb and a hint for the upcoming cover:

COVER BACK HINT 1511 Eye of Beholder and OTher tales Icon OPTION 2 with blurb version 1

I will be sharing my plans for 2016 in upcoming posts.

Thank you for following my travails throughout the year. I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas holiday and enjoy what the new year brings.


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